Spider Sohei with a hidden past


Full Name: Moto Gan’Chinua
Call Name: “Gan”

Family: Spider Monks (1 Reflexes)
School: Moto Bushi School (
1 Strength)

Advantages: (Net -11)
Different School: -5 pts (Moto Bushi)
Sacred Weapon (Inherited): -6 pts (Moto Scimitar)
Disadvantages: (Net +10)
Consumed (Determination): +6 pts
Black Sheep: +3 pts (Moto Family)
Gaijin Name (Gan’Chinua, Steel Wolf, Mongolian): +1 pts

Net Points: -1
Starting EXP: 39

Short Story Intro

The Warrior Monk named Gan’Chinua is the child of a former Unicorn. Long ago his father became part of the infamous Dark Winds Unit of the spider during the destroyer war. Raised by the monks that remained in the empire, wielding his father’s scimitar, and bearing the Mon of the Spider as well as a purple sash, his history is odd. Asked by his clan to serve as a symbol of cooperation between the Spider and that of his families former clan, Gan’Chinua was given the opportunity to study at the same Dojo that his father did in Unicorn lands. Though he wears the garb of a Spider Monk, his style of combat is an odd mix much like his personal story. Will his actions and loyalties torn between his families past, his clan, dojo, and upraising cause turmoil?

20 Questions:
1. What clan does your Character belong to?
A: My allegiance is to the Spider clan, though my true name is Moto, I was raised by the spider monks, my father left for the colonies and left his sword and though I train under a Unicorn sensei and I am loyal to him as well, my duty to my clan and to my sensei will lead to difficult choices.

2. What Family does your Character belong to?
A: My family is muteable, my brothers are the spider monks, they raised me and taught me there ways. My father taught me honor and determination through strength, my mother before her death taught me compassion, but I realize that my upbringing has hardened me to outright compassion.

3. Is your character a bushi, a shugenja, a courtier?
A: I was raised by monks, I know, respect, and practice their ways. I am trained as a bushi, and my father taught me honor, I serve as a bushi for my clan and follow the ways of the samurai, but I will never forget the lessons of strength, meditation, and learning that the monks taught me. I hope to return to them one day, and will wear their garb as a showing of that.

4. How would others describe your character’s appearance?
A: A monk by any other name, clearly a member of the spider monk brotherhood, but he carries a scimitar. It is odd that he carries himself like a samurai, but appears as a monk, he offers and speaks with reverence of that of the brotherhood. An enigma in all aspects.

5. What is your characters primary motivation?
A: My motivation is to serve my clan, respect my Unicorn Sensei, and serve the empire. I hope to eventually seek to follow the steps of the spider monks, seeking challenges through adversity and strength through determination.

6. Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
A: I trust my first master, the leader of the spider monks, tetsuo. I also trust my father, trust of them is absolute, for they raised me and taught me in their own ways.

7. What is your chracters greatest strength and weakness?
A: My strength is my martial capability, knowledge, and versatility. I was raised with many aspects and that leaves me with a wider view of the world, the world is not black and white, it is grey, but my actions, my choices, my strength are all absolute. I act with determination and I hope to bring honor to my clan.

8. What does your character think of bushido?
A: Bushido is odd, for samurai it is everything, the rules of their actions and guidelines to live by. I was raised by monks, they respect bushido but they have their own code to live by. I must learn to live with both, equally unlike most samurai who live by only the barest notions of the tao.

9. What is your characters opinion of his clan?
A: My clan is not seen well, I hope to change that with my actions and my position. The spider clan is strong and resourceful, but the way we carry ourselves could be seen as shadowy or dishonorable, let the other clans think negatively of us, for the unicorn see our strength and through our alliance shall bring strength to us both.

10. Is your character married?
A: No…

11. Does your character have any prejudices?
A: While my original clan is unicorn, I have grown apart from them, I’ve seen that even the clan of compassion can be harsh, killing those who succumbed to the plague without prejudice. I know that the other clans hate me purely for my upraising and my clan, I hold no prejudices for anyone, let them prove themselves to me, or die by my blade, I care not.

12. To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
A: My loyalty is to my champion, Daigotsu Kenpeki, Champion of the Spider Clan. My loyalty is also to my sensei and upbringers, but they shall never conflict with that of the clan.

13. What are the characters favorite and least favorite things?
A: Strength, practice, and combat. I grow and gain balance through my actions in battle. Wasted actions are my least favorite, in combat and in social situations. Mixing words is simply wasted.

14. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
A: When not interacting Gan acts as a simply sohei, always ready and willing. In social he carries himself as a samurai, he is both, equally.

15. What about your character’s emotions?
A: I was taught not to let my emotions control me, and I act only with passion. Sometimes I let my compassion get the better of me, I blame my blood.

16. How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
A: I would strike him to garner attention through pain. Respect is not an issue, improper behavior should be cleansed from use, much like the teachers in the spider monks, it is only through proper action that we can become strong and determined.

17. How would your character’s parents describe him?
A: Gan’s mother has passed away, but when he was young he was a happy child, full of love. Gan’s father knows him for his strength and though his soul is lost to the taint, he knows that his son’s strength shall redeem his family.

18. What is your characters highest ambition?
A: To follow in the footsteps of michio, the greatest of the spider monks.

19. How religious is your character?
A: As religious as any of the monks, I understand the brotherhood and hold Daigotsu no Kami above all others.

20. How will your character die?
A: Gan shall die when he chooses, specifically when there is no more purpose to be in this realm.


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