Hida Ryujin

A large, musclie samuri of the crab clan


Clan: Crab
School: Hida Bushi
Honor: 3.5
Insight Rank: 133

Earth 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3
Air 2
Reflexes 2
Awareness 2
Fire 2
Agility 3
Intelligence 2
Water 3
Strength 3
Perception 3
Void 2

(S) Athletics: Rank 3 Trait 3 Mastery Rank 1
(Re) Defense: Rank 2 Trait 2
(Ag) Heavy Weapons Rank 4 Trait 3 Tetsubo Mastery Rank 1
(Aw) Intimidation: Rank 1 Trait 2
(Ag) Kenjutsu: Rank 1 Trait 3
(I) Lore Shadowlands: Rank 1 Trait 2
(P) Battle: Rank 1 Trait 3

Skill Mastery
Rough terrain does not inhibit his movement
Reroll ones with the Tetsubo


Large – add 1k0 to any large melee weapon -3
Blood of Osano Wo – Damage from spells using natural forces deal 1k1 less damage -3


Jealousy (Hida Riku) +3
Driven (To defeat or kill hida Riku and take hiruma neko as his bride) +2
Lost Love (Hiruma Neko) +3
Sworn Enemy (Kharmic nemsis and one rank higher – Hida Riku) +6

Initiative 3k2

School Techniques

Heavy Armor
Natural TN (5Xearth ring+5) 20
Armor TN +10
Reduction 5
Current TN 30
3 Koku
Sturdy clothing
Tetsubo – Attack Roll is 8k3 and Damage roll is 8k3
Wakizashi – AR 4k3, DR 5k2
Katana – AR 4k3, DR 6k2

Exp from sessions – 0
Exp from writing – 3


His parents, Hida Saito and Hida Hana, gave birth for the second time on the 22nd of the month of the Dragon, 1257 in Kyuden Hida. They both decided to name him Tenson because of the odd shaped birth mark in the shape of a dragon on the right side of his chest, right below the collar bone.

He has a two year older brother named Hida Riku. He was easily jealous of Riku. His brother would always show him up, whether it would be in studies or in combat. His brother would get the pass on the chores, while he would have to do them all. Riku was always favored over him. During holidays, Riku would always get the better presents while he got poor trinkets. His brother was the jewel of their parents’ eyes. Tenson loathed, no, despised his brother Riku. Even though dealing with his brother was hard, growing up was not too difficult.

He had two wonderful and true friends. Their names are Yasuki Nakoshi and Hiruma Neko. The three of them grew up like three peas in a pod. As time went by, Tenson and Neko became very close. They spent many days, which were not spent doing daily chores and activities, spending time on picnics and enjoying time together. As time went on and as they grew up, they fell in love.

The day came for Tenson to fully become a samurai; his Gempukku ceremony. He was sent out into the shadow lands to bring back the head of a strong creature to prove his worth to the crab clan. Instead of going with a group, he ventured out alone. He ran into a few goblins, which were easily taken care of, and one pissed off Ogre which was a fun challenge. It was not good enough however. He needed to bring back the head of a creature his brother could not having during his Gempukku. He traveled farther until he finally came face to face with a Lesser Oni. He fought a long, arduous battle against the lesser oni. They were even; matching blow to blow. The fight basically came down to a match of stamina. Who would last the longest before going down, and finally, the lesser oni messed up his footing. Tenson quickly and precisely swung the tetsubo at the lesser oni’s feet. Tripping him and then smashing the tetsubo into the lesser oni’s chest; crushing the lungs, breaking all the ribs, and smashing the heart. He severed the lesser oni’s head with a nearby axe. With little resistance, he returned with the head and at the completion of the Gempukku ceremony, he chose the name Ryujin.

His family, mainly his brother, could not believe that Ryujin had showed him up. When he retire for the night in his room, he had a mental breakdown and swore that Ryujin would be defeated and never will show him up again. He wanted, needed to always be better. Later he found out through the idle chatter that Ryujin and Neko were secretly seeing each other.

After a few months of scheming and plotting, a gathering was held and the Hida family announced the arranged marriage between Hida Riku and Hiruma Neko. His mind shattered; again his brother got what he wanted. What could he do though? Second born, no say, but he would have his revenge. For too long his brother has gotten his way and swore a solemn vow that he will over throw his brother. However, he needs to get stronger. He trains and bides his time until the day before the ceremony to challenge his brother in a duel to the death for the right to marry Hiruma Neko.
Now, it is present day and a new festering pit has opened in scorpion lands. He has been sent to help out.

Hida Ryujin

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