Utaku Rin

Unicorn Clan


Clan: Unicorn
School: Utaku Battle Maiden
Honor: 6.5
Glory: 0
Status: 0
Insight Rank: 124 (1)
Initiative: 4k3
TN: 20 +4(Riding Armor)

Earth 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3
Air 2
Reflexes 3
Awareness 2
Fire 2
Agility 2
Intelligence 2
Water 2
Strength 2
Perception 2
Void 2


(P) Battle: Rank – 2 Trait – 2
(Re) Defense: Rank – 2 Trait – 3
(Ag) Horsemanship: Rank – 3 Trait – 2 Mastery Rank – 1
(Ag) Kenjustu: Rank – 5 Trait – 2 Mastery Rank – 1
(Aw) Sincerity: Rank – 1 Trait – 2
(I) Medicine: Rank – 3 Trait – 2
(Aw) Artisan(Pnt): Rank – 1 Trait – 2
(Aw) Courtier: Rank – 1 Trait – 2
(Int)Lore(Law): Rank – 1 Trait – 2
(Ag) Jiujustu: Rank – 0 Trait – 2
(Re) Iaijustu: Rank – 1 Trait – 3

Skill Masteries
Horsmanship Rank 3: The character may utilize the Full Attack Stance when on horseback
Kenjustu Rank 3: The total of all damage rolls made with a sword increases by 1k0
Kenjustu Rank 5: A sword may be readied as a Free Action rather than a Simple Action.


You have an incredible ability to recall exactly things you have seen or heard. In any situation where you need to remember something exactly the way it was, whether the wording of something you read or the details of a person’s physical appearance, you add a bonus of +1k1 to your Intelligence Trait Roll.

Your body mends incredibly quickly, allowing you to recover from even devastating wounds with amazing speed. For the purposes of recovering Wounds, your Stamina is considered to be two ranks higher.

You have a natural talent for moving silently at all times. You add +1k0 to the total of all Stealth rolls. Ninja characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. Bushi characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

You are intimately familiar with a particular region, having traveled it extensively to the point that you know it as well as the interior of your own house. Select the lands of one family, a major city, or some other reasonably sized region. While you are within that region, it is not possible for you to get lost, and you know the location of any available resources to be found there. Unicorn characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point.


You are completely fascinated by some subject, and will go to great lengths to learn more about it or to experience it in new ways. Typical subjects of a samurai’s fascination include music, horses, poetry, and history. This fascination badly impedes your judgment, and you will take even dishonorable actions to learn more, which could end in absolute disgrace if your actions are discovered.

You adhere closely to the code of Bushido, perhaps too closely, and you have a hopelessly naïve view of the world and how things work. You have impossible standards that not even the most heroic individual could hope to meet, much less you. Whenever you lose Honor, the loss is increased by 1 point. This Disadvantage is worth 3 points to Lion characters.

School Techniques

The Utaku Battle Maidens value honor above all. You gain a bonus equal to your Honor Rank to one attack roll per Round. While mounted, you may instead choose to apply this bonus to one damage roll if you choose. You gain a bonus equal to your Honor Rank to the total of all Horsemanship rolls.



Riding Armor: +4 to tn/ +12 while riding/ Reduction 5

Scimitar (Katana):
AR: 7k2 (Kenjustu)
DR: 3k2 (6k2 w/strength rank & Kenjustu Mastery)
Special Rules: A character may spend one Void Point
to increase a damage roll made using a katana by
1k1 (Void Points cannot normally be spent to enhance
damage rolls). Only one Void Point may be spent in
this manner, even if the character has an ability that
would allow him to spend more than one Void Point
per round.

AR: 7k2 (Kenjustu)
DR: 2k2 (5k2 w/strength rank & Kenjustu Mastery)
Special Rules: A wakizashi may be thrown up to 20’
as a ranged weapon.

EXP: 0


Utaku Rin

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