Yasuki Nakoshi

Smart-ass, but loyal (and surprisingly court-savvy) friend of Hida Ryujin


Clan: Crab
School: Hida Pragmatist

Earth 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3
Air 2
Reflexes 2
Awareness 3
Fire 2
Agility 3
Intelligence 2
Water 2
Strength 2
Perception 2
Void 2


Athletics: 1
Defense: 3
Jiujutsu: (Improvised Weapons) 4
Kenjutsu: 1
Lore: Shadowlands: 1
Polearms: 1

Courtier: 2
Etiquette: 3
Sincerity: 1

Skill Masteries


The spirits of a certain Element swirl about you at all times,
lending their aid when possible even though you are likely
unaware of their presence. Choose a Ring when this Advantage
is purchased. Whenever you make a Trait Roll with
either Trait associated with that Ring, you gain a Free Raise.


You cannot resist the temptation to spread rumors and gossip,
no matter how ridiculous or outlandish they might seem.
When presented with an opportunity to spread rumors, to
resist doing so you must succeed at a Willpower Trait Roll
with a TN equal to 5x the Glory Rank of the highest-Glory
individual involved in the rumor.

For whatever reason, your family is completely disgusted with
you and your actions. You have not been cast out and made
ronin, but you are no longer welcome in your own household.
You may only maintain proper relations with any member of
your family via the Allies Advantage, and if you attend one
of your own family’s Schools, you may not advance in School
Rank without going to great lengths to fi nd a willing teacher.

You possess a grossly infl ated view of your own prowess, and
are often incapable of recognizing when a situation is beyond
your ability to handle. When outnumbered or facing a clearly
superior enemy (whether in court or in battle), you must succeed
at a Perception Trait Roll (TN 20) in order to recognize
the situation for what it is and leave instead of engaging.

School Techniques
The Pragmatist is taught to endure terror and
humiliation while killing his enemies with
anything he can fi nd. You gain a bonus of
+1k0 to any roll made to resist Intimidation
or Fear effects. You also gain a bonus of +1k0
to the total of your attack and damage rolls
when fighting unarmed or with improvised
weapons. However, you must always keep
high dice with any attack rolls or damage
rolls that benefi t from this Technique.


When in the Full Defense Stance you gain Reduction
equal to your Earth Ring. This is cumulative
with other forms of Reduction.


Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing,
Daisho, Yumi, Traveling Pack,
3 koku

EXP: 3


Nakoshi was born in a long line of courtiers as Fuujin. Both of his parents were well respected for their efforts in the dangerous world of economics. It distressed them when their only son grew up prefering fighting to the labourous rituals of court. It came to a head when Fuujin destroyed a dojo after being told to go through a tea ceremony for the tenth time. Fuujin was thrown out of the Yasuki courtier school and put in the one school that would accept him: the Hida Pragmatists.

Fuujin thrived in his new enviroment, and became good friends with some of the other young warriors around Kyuden Hida, chief among them Hida Ryujin. It also became quickly apparent that some of his work in the courtier school paid off. Fuujin was a leader, able to defuse fights and inspire the more timid of his peers. His natural charisma was hampered somewhat by his insastiable love of gossip; it was generally recognized that Fuujin would have been a disaster as a courtier. His relationship with his parents remained chilly. Some of his peers found Fuujin’s behavior towards his parents disgraceful, but more were attracted to his easy smile and intelligence.

Fuujin led a group into the Shadowlands and hunted down twice the number of ogres as they had in their war party. What’s more, he planned his return during the visit of a Crane entourage. The spectacle shocked the Crane so bad that the Crab courtiers were easily able to negotiate terms that highly favored the Crab. But this completely cut off the young samurai from his parents; Fuujin had aided one of his parents biggest rivals.

Fuujin took the name Nakoshi after one of his most disasterous ancestors, but he kept the nickname Hiro from his training days. He was sent to the Scorpion Wall because the Hida knew that, while the Scorpion were now their closest allies, it wouldnt stop them from trying to manipulate the Crab if if benefited the Scorpion. And for all of Nakoshi’s faults, he has a talent for keeping his fellows out of trouble.

Yasuki Nakoshi

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